Penta Cosmos

Expand your hobbie brand, company or institution’s presence and connect with your audience anywhere in the world.

Penta Cosmos is our 3D virtual immersion platform where all kinds of events can take place in the Metaverse.

Attendees interact through an avatar where the only thing required to enter the Metaverse is a computer and internet access.

Our spaces adapt to your event:

Forums Seminars Congresses Conventions Meetings Classes More...

Your space in the Penta Cosmos

The Penta Cosmos metaverse allows us to have a simultaneous seating capacity of 2,500 people/avatars.

Main Campus

Amphitheater / Beach / Bonfire / Gallery / Lobby / Sports fields / Tower rooftop

Total capacity of all stages: 550 people


Size options: 8

Capacity: From 200 to 1,500 people

*Recommended use

Conference rooms

Size options: 1

Capacity: Up to 150 people

*Recommended use


Size options: 1

Capacity: Up to 32 people

*Recommended use

Exhibit Hall

Size options: 4

Capacity: Up to 350 people

*Recommended use


Size options: 3

Capacity: Up to 85 people

*Recommended use


Size options: 1

Capacity: Up to 8 people

*Recommended use

Speakeasy (discotheque)

Size options: 1

Capacity: Up to 400 people

*Recommended use

Other spaces: Call center, Immersion room, Lounge, Equipment room, Equipment suites, Theater.

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Success stories

They already held their event at Penta Cosmos.

Client: Grupo Familia

Grupo Familia had several different virtual stages on the Penta Cosmos, and also created different avatar to help develop their training for the sales force. More than 120 people were connected.

Client: Hospital Universitario San Ignacio

In 2021, Hospital San Ignacio needed a non-face-to-face option to develop its annual training focused on health. Penta Cosmos was the ideal scenario for these trainings to take place. During 4 days, more than 2000 people were interacting through their avatars, receiving content on demand and also participating for great prizes.

Client: PLUS TI

PLUS TI needed a virtual space to hold an event for its allies (Banks and Financial Companies). Penta Cosmos was the ideal scenario to gather more than 700 people for two days in 4 different rooms: 2 conference auditoriums and two small rooms for 80 people.

Try a Penta Cosmos

This space is just a sample, you can perform basic actions such as interacting and moving in it, to see more spaces or actions request a virtual tour.

Unique experiences are the most memorable ones Tell us about your project, together we will make it happen.