We bring ideas to reality by creating unique and much more direct experiences for the end consumer, with high doses of creativity and a sense of opportunity.

What is brand activation?

Most brand activations are interactive and usually take place at the point or place of sale of the product or service. This allows the target audience to interact more directly with the brand while also being an excellent method to generate immediate sales.

What did we do?

Estas te permitirán impactar segmentos específicos para alcanzar tus públicos particulares, mejorando la experiencia de marca dirigida hacia lo más emocional de cada individuo. Adicional, genera un call to action mucho más directo llevando acciones específicas a favor de tu marca.

Why it matters?

At Penta Marketing we focus on generating those scenarios or activations, directly in high-impact points, carrying out different activities (Takeovers, Samplings, store-to-store actions, activations at the point of sale, and consumer incentives, among others.

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