Brand Activations

Attract and retain your audience with creative and powerful activations.

You need a brand activation if you want your target audience to associate your brand with an experience and lifestyle, by interacting directly with your products and/or services in a space specific.

Brand activations are a excellent method to generate memories and positioning with unique and much more direct experiences to the final consumer.

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How we work on your brand activation

Penta marketing is your partner in the organization of your brand activation, we take care of everything.

Before the event

We'll be with you from the beginning of your project, creating, strategizing, advising and guiding you step-by-step.

We take care of hiring promoters, logistic coordinators, stands, furniture, decoration and branding,sound, lighting, audiovisual equipment and many other options for your project.

During the event

Oversight by an account executive and a team that takes care of every detail during the whole process, guaranteeing the correct development of your project. (Take overs, Sampling, store-to-store actions, POS, consumer incentives, among others).

After the event

Post-sales reporting and support to understand feedback and learnings, we later use to advise you on future opportunities, in a feedback loop.

Success stories

We have worked with major brands worldwide.

This is how Brand Activations by Penta were experienced!

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Pringles Music Campaign


Festival Picnic 2023. Activación en el evento de música más importante de Costa Rica.

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Sample of different categories of feminine intimate care products.


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