A Brand Activation or Activation Marketing manages to connect your brand/company with the different points of contact where your client is, generating lasting connections with your target audience.

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What do we do?

Most brand activations are interactive and usually take place at the point of sale, allowing the public to interact directly with a brand and its products. For this reason, it is an excellent method to generate recall and positioning.

Why is it

It is important in your Marketing strategy to have brand activations since these will allow you to impact specific segments to reach your particular audiences, improving the brand experience directed towards the emotions of each individual. Additionally, generating a call to much more direct action taking specific actions in favor of your brand.

How do we do it?

We bring ideas to reality creating unique experiences. With high doses of creativity and a sense of opportunity, we propose value strategies aimed at enhancing brand awareness. At Penta Marketing we focus on generating those scenarios and/or activations at the point of sale or taking over sites in large stores, carrying out different activities (Takeovers, sampling, store-to-store actions, purchase incentives, among others).

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