In-person events at Penta become unforgettable because, over 25 years, we have developed a recipe to generate strong emotions, remarkable experiences, and efficiency.

What’s an in-person event?

For Penta, an in-person event is the best way to connect with your audience through a memorable experience that both impacts and provides valuable information to your customers with a clear message that can ultimately be shared and replicated.

What did we do?

In-person events are an effective way to advertise your product or service, but most importantly, generate that connection, closeness with your brand.

Why it matters?

At Penta, we are experts in generating those brand moments that impact our lives, not only in the past, but those moments that condition our future experiences, this is one of the main reasons for experiential marketing; where we have created concerts, product/Brand launches, forums, summits, seminars, corporate parties/events, meetings, trade shows, and much more. 

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