On-site events

Connect your audience with a direct experience

You need a face-to-face event if you want to connect with your audience through a direct experience in a physical space, where they meet around a common interest. Guaranteeing focus and a memorable experience for the attendees, with high visual impact and activities for networking.

Make concerts, product and/or brand launches, forums, congresses, seminars, parties, corporate events, trade shows, etc.

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This is how we work in your on-site event

Penta marketing is your ally in the organization of on-site events, we take care of everything.

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Before the event

We'll be with you from the beginning of your project, creating, strategizing, advising and guiding you step-by-step.

We design the event based on the objectives you need to achieve and the target audience.

We take care of defining budgets, dates, locations, etc.

We hire allied suppliers for services or resources for the event.

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During the event

Oversight by an account executive and a team that takes care of every detail during the whole process, guaranteeing the correct development of your project.

Suitable spaces

Attention to attendees and speakers

Management of all services and resources related to the event.

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After the event

Post-sales reporting and support to understand feedback and learnings, we later use to advise you on future opportunities, in a feedback loop.

Success stories

We have worked with major brands worldwide.

You'll be updated on through the entire process. 

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Eventos presenciales


MasterCard Business Forum
Activación de marca Coca Cola
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Brand recognition experiences in schools
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Eventos presenciales


Development of event to showcase new offices.


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