We create multimedia digital spaces that turn any type of event into an immersive world, while being creative, and fun, with a high-impact development.

Why is a virtual event important?

Virtual events connect people in a totally different way, providing a unique experience, with the advantage of reducing certain types of costs: tickets, accommodation, transfers, travel expenses, scenery, venue, food, and drinks, among others. Additionally, the real-time data it generates is essential for measuring results, while at the same time, not missing out on the sense of belonging and participating.

Why it matters?

Penta has its own world in the metaverse and has done over 500 events in it; through its two virtual immersion platforms: Penta Cosmos and Penta Virtway.

The client can choose any of these options and have different virtual spaces, for example, virtual commercial stands, concerts, product launches, brand activations, forums, congresses, office spaces, conventions, master classes, graduations, and online seminars. Our virtual world allows us great flexibility without compromising on the brand experience.

Let us show you a new world of possibilities