Virtual events

Connect with your audience in a different way and increase the impact of your event.

If you want to find new growth opportunities and strengthen the relationship with your audience no matter where they are, 3D immersive virtual events or online events are the strategy you need. Through a digital solution, offer your attendees an immersive experience, without physical contact or travel.

Attendees communicate through a device and through multimedia digital spaces that fit your objectives with different virtual spaces, such as: booths for fairs, concerts, product launches, forums, congresses, conventions, online seminars and others.

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They are cheaper , since they do not incur in expenses for: tickets, accommodation, transfers, venue, food, beverages, among others.

It favors the measurement of results, generating data in real time.

No geographical limits, attendees can access from anywhere in the world.

by eliminating transportation, the ecological impact is lower and reduces the carbon footprint.

Time saving, no need to travel.

How we work on your immersive 3D virtual event

Penta marketing is your ally in the organization of your online event, we take care of everything.

Eventos virtuales

Before the event

We'll be with you from the beginning of your project, creating, strategizing, advising and guiding you step-by-step.

We adapt our immersive 3D worlds to your educational or corporate event, adapting the necessary spaces.

Eventos virtuales

During the event

Oversight by an account executive and a team that takes care of every detail during the whole process, guaranteeing the correct development of your project.

We develop technical tests

We implement participation dynamics among attendees.

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After the event

Post-sales reporting and support to understand feedback and learnings, we later use to advise you on future opportunities, in a feedback loop.


Your space in the metaverse

At Penta we have our own world in the metaverse, where we have done more than 500 events; through our two virtual immersion platforms: Penta Cosmos and Penta Virtway.

Each of these alternatives fits any type of event such as fairs, concerts, product launches, forums, congresses, conventions, master classes, graduations, online seminars and many more.

Let's make together an immersive, creative, fun and high impact event.

Success stories

We have worked with major brands worldwide.

This is how they experienced their virtual events made by Penta!


Family group

Training path

San Ignacio

San Ignacio Hospital

Training focused on health

Plus TI


Event for allies


Why Penta?

Eventos virtuales

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Let's talk about your ideas, our consultants will show you a new world of possibilities.

Hybrid Events

We take the best of both worlds, physical and virtual, to generate memorable experiences for your audience, offering both physical participation alternatives, through events with physical and virtual attendees through live streaming platforms.


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