The 10 brands that have already joined the Metaverse

In recent years, we have experienced a brutal change in the way we relate to each other, from selling products to how we do business and interact with consumers, a decade full of change and evolution. If Darwin lived in this era, he would be happy, because many things that we previously only saw in science fiction are now part of our daily life.

We already live in the next evolutionary stage of the internet, The Metaverse, a new world that totally changes the way individuals and companies interact with each other and with the outside world, marking a before and after in the world of technology and society.

But what is this new term? Stephenson coined the word in his 1992 novel "Snow Crash" to describe it as an online world based on virtual reality. These days, the phrase refers more specifically to a collection of digital worlds in which users can create content and interact with others, such as avatars or digital versions of themselves. This environment will also enable interoperability, which means that users and their assets can move freely from one world to another.

That is why it is not surprising that brands start these new virtual worlds as a potential marketing strategy, creating experiences such as concerts, activations, catwalks, showrooms or virtual meetings that evoke emotions, meeting the demands of their consumers and strengthening relationships with through this futuristic trend, which is already part of us.

We've been digging and collecting the marks that have already joined the metaverse. Ready to start the tour?

We start with Nike, at the end of January it launched 5 vacancies for positions related to this immersive world; after the acquisition of RTFKT, a non-expendable token studio that produces digital collectibles such as digital sneakers. In the first half of 2021, customers were able to visit Nike's flagship store, 'House of Innovation', in New York, participating in an experience full of fun and interactive activities in a virtual recreation of Smith Rock State Park in Oregon through of their mobile phones and other virtual and augmented reality tools. In addition, on Roblox he created Nikeland, a whole world dedicated to the shoe company, packed with dodgeball, building materials, and a digital showroom.

Adidas is not far behind either. Like Nike, it has been dabbling in this new trend with an alliance with Coinbase. The objective of this association is for its users to be able to try the products before buying them and even design their own virtual models within the construction of Nike's own metaverse. Adidas, where, in addition, mini-games are contemplated to win NFT.

Disney, una marca amada por muchas generaciones, se le aprobó para una patente de «simulador del mundo virtual en un lugar del mundo real» para que desde ese mundo virtual se creen experiencias interactivas y personalizadas. Su principal propósito es ofrecer atracciones de realidad aumentada (AR) sin auriculares en sus parques temáticos, rastreando a los visitantes en sus teléfonos móviles y generando y proyectando efectos 3D personalizados en varios objetos del parque.

Joining the trend, Vans launched its virtual skate park on Roblox for users to try out tricks and earn points during play by purchasing items like virtual shoes and skateboard customization.

For its part, Nascar, the most famous automobile association in the world in November last year, announced a digital car on Roblox; Players will be able to buy uniforms for their avatars and run on the track like professionals, they will even be victims of consumption promoted by developers with a "metaverse influencers" proof system.

On the other hand, Coca - Cola, entered this world by launching its drink Coca-Cola Byte, more than a product it is the RE-presentation of the new generations through musical experiences, gaming and the dual life between the physical and virtual ; but previously he had already taken a few steps in this field such as the NFT collection he launched last year, where he raised no less than 575,000 USD in an online auction.

While Budweiser not only threw a metaverse party by launching its “Budverse Cans: Heritage Edition” NFT collection, it recently revealed that its famous Clydesdales came to web 3.0 in partnership with Zed Run to race for first time digital racing. That is why, since last year, it has been working on its digital ecosystem to continue providing the best experiences in this new environment.

NFTs are foraying into music, adding new artist-friendly ways of presenting content to the industry that, for the first time, canThey give represent their creations online as unique tokens. That is why Spotify is not far behind and is already beginning to take the first steps in web 3.0, creating its own Island in Roblox, Spotify Island, a new attractive and innovative experience for creators and fans.

Instagram, one of the social networks that has had the greatest impact in recent times, did not hesitate to land in this new environment, and a few months ago its CEO, Adam Mosseri, announced the integration of NFTs with this platform. Allowing creators to connect their digital wallet, share their collectibles, and more, their main purpose is to empower and support the creator economy.

If we talk about the fashion sector, brands that are already dabbling like Gucci, which has launched a pair of digital sneakers called The Gucci Virtual 25 to be used in augmented reality (AR) or in associated applications such as Roblox and VRChat. Also, to commemorate the 200 years of its founder, they launched Gucci Garden on Roblox, a two-week virtual experience to complement a real-world installation called Gucci Garden Archetypes, which took place in Florence, Italy. Visitors were able to experience the vision and inclusive philosophy of the brand's creative director, Alessandro Michele, through 15 previous Gucci advertising campaigns.

The metaverse does not only seek to offer a space in which we can access goods and link the acquisition with external economic systems. In other words, we are not just talking about having fun in a virtual world, but about giving way to a new type of market and a new way in which consumers are going to relate to the offer.

Do you want to take the plunge and be the next brand in the metaverse? At Penta we know how to do it, because we already live in our own Immersive World.


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