Hybrid Events

It's not just an event, it's an experience.

Did you know that you can have face to face and remote attendees at your event? If that's what you're looking for, you need a hybrid event.

You will have physical and virtual, the best of both worlds. your audience will be able to attend physically through face-to-face participation alternatives or virtually through live streaming platforms.



The best of both worlds, physical and virtual.

Larger audience reached.

Reduced costs.

No geographical limits.

Quatitive date for reach and results

Possibility of interaction between the two types of audiences.

How we work on your hybrid event

Before the event

We'll be with you from the beginning of your project, creating, strategizing, advising and guiding you step-by-step.

Creation of digital and multimedia spaces with the right tools to broadcast your events, seminars or presentations in a live or recorded digital environment.

During the event

Oversight by an account executive and a team that takes care of every detail during the whole process, guaranteeing the correct development of your project.

After the event

Post-sales reporting and support to understand feedback and learnings, we later use to advise you on future opportunities, in a feedback loop.


We generate memorable experiences for your audience, creating impact and brand awareness through different channels.


We create digital and multimedia spaces


Adequate tools to broadcast your events in a live or delayed digital environment.


Use of the Kahoot tool to promote participation.

Success stories

We believe that experience is the most successful marketing.

Client: Pei

Let's make together a high impact event, with the best of both worlds.

They have already done it Penta-style


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