Introducing Penta Loyalty, Rewards & Incentives. The Penta Loyalty methodology to support achieving your results. We Keep engaged your clients, team and suppliers.

    Penta Incentives is a Penta Marketing tool,

    that allows one click to create incentive plans tailored to the needs of the client from an efficient, secure and easy-to-use platform.

    Implementation in different countries of the region.

    Digital catalog of prizes and experiences.

    Personalized design of incentive programs.

    secure process shopping.

    What programs
    can you choose?

    Programs of incentives for your strength outside sales and internal (B2H)

    Programs of incentives for your suppliers (B2B)

    Programs of loyalty for business customers (B2B)

    Programs of loyalty to employees (B2H)

    What phases do we implement in our incentive programs?

    Penta Strategy

    - We carry out an investigation process, formulating investigation techniques for employees.

    - Evaluation and analysis of results.

    - Design of strategies based on experiences of redemption of prizes.

    Penta Marketing

    - We develop the creative process of the activities that make up the incentive campaign.

    - We design the advertising strategy, the concept, the communication, the action plan and a schedule tailored to your business challenges.

    Penta Rewards & Reporting

    - We design the catalogs of prizes and experiences, we execute the redemption plan.

    - We deliver a periodic report of results with insights and steps to follow.

    What types of incentives can I get?

    Prepaid Cards

    One of the products that will provide the most added value to the platform (even virtual in some countries).

    Retail Bonds

    Offer physical and digital bonuses from the main local businesses.

    Gift Cards

    Gift cards from stores like Amazon, Netflix, Google Play, will always be eye catching as incentives.


    We offer experiences such as trips, cruises, hotels, spas, online courses and many more.

    Why work with Penta Incentives?

    Winning Platform

    We developed a service that integrates practicality and technology for those in charge of the program. We offer a package of multiple prize options and experiences for the final participants.


    We have been motivating collaborators, sales forces, suppliers and customers for more than 15 years

    Rewards Catalog and experiences

    Our catalog of incentives is available in various countries of the region for immediate redemption in Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States.

    Programs to you Measure

    We design incentive programs according to your needs with methodologies consistent with the new reality of companies.

    Secure Process

    Our platform guarantees security and confidentiality of data and transactions.



    -Promotions module.

    -Indicator reports.

    -Satisfaction surveys.

    -Automated email notifications.


    -Client registration and administration.

    -Rewards administration.

    -Accumulation of points, prizes per visit, rewards for recommending, etc.

    -Administration of the catalog of rewards.

    -We work with one of the most important servers in the world.


    -The catalogs of prizes, experiences and recognitions can be reviewed from your smartphone, tablet or PC.


    -Module of promotions.

    -Access portal for clients.

    -Possibilities of customization of image and operation.

    -E-mail mass Marketing.

    Data security

    Winning PlatformSSL Security Certificates

    Encrypted Passwords


    Automatic Backups

    DRP Disaster Recovery Plan

    Penta Incentives is designed to simplify and automate incentive and reward programs in companies through:

    Introducing Penta Loyalty, Rewards & Incentives. The Penta Loyalty methodology to support achieving your results. We Keep engaged your clients, team and suppliers.