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Did you know that in 2017, global online sales totaled $2.3 billion equivalent to 10.2% of total retail sales and are expected to reach $3.9 billion in 2021?

If you still aren't selling online, these numbers should convince you to do so

The future of shopping is online and thinking for this we offer a customer centric methodology of 5 individual services that can be complemented, to provide you with a package tailored to your needs.
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First, we will understand your business needs, thus determining what level of Business Model you are in. The results we find will show us which of the services are the ones you need for your e-commerce.
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Strategy Consulting

We will define the business idea very well and create a digital market strategy, giving us clear guidelines of your clients, your scope, your value proposal and your competition.

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Finance - Consulting

We identify, according to your business model, the fixed and variable costs and profitability to determine the economic resources you need to implement a winning e-commerce.

In addition, we will advise you on logistical, tax and legal issues that your operation requires.

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We will give a visual identity to your e-commerce, defining its name, colors, styles and even, if necessary, making a product photography session that really drives your brand.

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This is the central service of the whole operation and we could even call it the heart of this digital journey. Here, we will define your payment gateway, the categorization of your products, your sales channels, implement the visual identity and launch your e-commerce to the world.

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Once your e-commerce is live, you need to shout it to the world. For this, we offer an implementation and management of digital marketing campaigns service to reach your buyers clearly and efficiently, giving you the freedom to deal with what you need most.

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