Virtual Events 3D - Penta Cosmos

Welcome to our platform and 3D world!

Here you can do all kinds of events like you would in real life, but 100% online

Platform and 3D world

You will have different scenarios for your event offering memorable experiences to your audience.Conference Halls, auditoriums, showrooms, Expo Halls, beach, soccerfield, offices, Networking areas and much more!


Experience a new
way to do

Here the
users will
be able to speak in
real time
Make real
businesses, and
expand their
contact network

Forums / Congresses


auditoriums , with
capacity for up to
1000 attendees



Multiple virtual
classrooms , with
capacity from 8 up
to 7 0 attendees



Real stands, ideal
to give a
attention to
visitors by
commercial staff

Create your own AVATAR

Here starts the real-virtual EXPERIENCE!

▶ Custom avatar ( with predetermined

▶ Avatar profile registration

▶Interaction (Raise hand clap congratulate)

▶ Possibility of actions such as flying or running


▶ It will be the first scenario that visitors see.

▶ From here users may access to the rest of scenarios and they will be able to consult the program.

▶ Branding area for the official organizer and multiple branding options for other sponsors.


▶ Wide space with costumed content per customer (images, videos, presentations, …) of each brand..

▶ Private spaces to close your deal s (make real businesses in real time!)

▶ Personalized attention to visitors by commercial people.

▶ Expo Hall for more tan 200 people , have you seen something more real?


▶ In Cosmos you have a complete citadel specially designed for relationship with your clients prospects, mployees or whoever you want!

▶ It is optimally designed so that assistants can speak among them.

▶ Privacy circles to keep conversations confidential.

▶ Integrated personal or public chat.

▶ Exterior or interior scenarios you want to close a deal among the beach? Let´s do it!

Workshops / Congresses / Seminars

▶ Rooms with predetermined spaces.

▶ Auditoriums, conference rooms, large meeting rooms, small meeting rooms, offices, classrooms and much more!

▶ Integrated Chat.

▶ Video Streaming with avatar or webcam.

▶ A lternate screens to the main one, for projection of videos with audio or brand exposure


▶ Auditoriums for more than 500

▶ Silence the audience.

▶ Any questions ? Rise yourhand

▶ Share screen , use your webcam or upload your presentation.

▶ Screen zoom option (no matter where you sit) You will not miss any details!

▶ Panoramic view from anywhere.

▶ Possibility of sponsor banners , screens and walls of the auditoriums.


▶ Interact with your assistents in a different and creative way.

▶ An entire floor with private offices to experience a virtual co working.

▶ More than 60 offices to rent and use.


▶ Take your virtual 3D event to the next level with a concert on the beach.

▶ Attendees will be able to dance, clap and celebrate to the beat of good music.

▶ Different scenarios, so that attendees live an environment the closest to reality.

Why Cosmos Penta?

Offer your visitors different experiences , real time interactions ,
different activities and lots of fun.

High definition avatars and graphics.

You will experience a real life event.

Easy to install , don´t worry about 3D virtual glasses,in Cosmos all you need is your computer.

Do you want to know much more about our virtual 3D events?

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