3D VIRTUAL EVENTS - Penta Cosmos

Give your events, talks, congresses and meetings a twist with the most immersive 3D virtual platform on the market.

A social experience like no other

Accessing this virtual world where you can gather countless people at the same time is as simple as simply clicking.

You can organize any type of event, conference or fair, connecting people anywhere in the world to have a truly virtual human experience.

Customization and fun

There is nothing more fun than creating your own avatar. Do you have a board of directors meeting? how about jacket and tie. You’re going for a marketing meeting, maybe a more casual outfit.

Friday of appointment with friends on the beach, shorts and sandals for everyone. Penta Virtual Center is the perfect space to carry out your online events and live them from the comfort of your home.

Realism and full immersion

With state-of-the-art technological advances in animation that allows you a number of interactions and emotions in real time, together with a hyper Hi Fi 360 ° audio environment system, having a meeting with your team has never felt more real.

Welcome to a world of possibilities

Build your own product stand, attend and participate in conferences, give a talk and show information in real time.

Rent a virtual office and take advantage of networking with brands that complement yours. Invite your clients and close that business that you have so much sought in a 100% virtually human environment.

Go virtual, Stay human

Take advantage of a place specially designed to meet all your needs with interactive spaces that create immersive experiences that you can access from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
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