Artificial Creativity vs. Human creativity

How would we define from now on what is human, and what is artificial?

Theater d'Opera Spatial is the name of the artistic piece that Jason Allen presented at the Colorado State Fair, in the fine arts section.

He won first place, but with it, many negative reactions and some positive; confrontations for what is already happening in our current reality, and that with this we cannot deny it.

There are platforms today that are equipped with tools where Internet users can create images from descriptions and request them from the web. According to the searches and the information stored on the internet, the algorithms can create all kinds of media. The main issue here is that this content doesn´t have copyright, that is, the owner and sole owner of the work is the one who performs the search, description and download of what appears on the web; just as Allen did.

The programs now, just like our mind, are imaginative, the art is being generated by a computer, which shows that machine learning and technology will continue to advance and improve, in short, it is an invitation to a new revolution in the internet of things

No job or trade will be safe from automation or AI, and the turning point of this new era has been presenting itself in the form of ever more increasing disruptions.

Can you imagine cops arresting angels? A man with his son fishing in space? Jesus Christ at the entrance of heaven beckoning 8k realistic?

What what?! You will think that what we have just mentioned are fantasies.

Si bien, por un lado, podríamos decir que lo son y que lo inventamos nosotros, por otro, te queremos decir que es una realidad y que parte de la revelación de la imaginación humana ya física tras descripciones textuales, luego convertidas en imágenes. Eso, esas “fantasías” es lo que le piden a Midjourney, el programa de inteligencia artificial, con el que Allen ganó el concurso en la categoría de «Artes Digitales / Fotografía Digitalmente Manipulada».

At this point, we could agree or not with the awarding of the Theater d'Opera Spatial work, but the truth here is that we begin a process of assimilation in which we must understand how we use the tools to achieve the reality of the things so that even people in the world understand more about this topic.

No matter how close or far we are from algorithms, we’re always feeding them with the years of human experience deposited in a cybernetic world and there is only one thing that makes the difference, human consciousness over artificial.

AI decisions are not conditioned by emotions and sensations, as humans we can be surprised and enjoy what we see and do, creativity is on both sides.

What else can differentiate human creativity from artificial creativity?


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