Damm's Beer, a lifestyle that has impacted thousands of Spaniards.

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When a brand does not sell a product, but an emotional state, all the attitudes, and reactions of the community will be positive and replicated.

Damm's Star is one of those companies, one of the oldest organizations in Spain and one of the few brands that handles associative branding very well, far removed from the competition and very high on the aspirational plane. What has been their magic formula?

Emotions + Storytelling.

Damm is not the one who has joined the market, the brands, or trends, it has made other national and multinational companies join its initiatives, giving it a differential and high value during all these years.

This brewery for more than a decade stopped fighting for its product, because they understood that it does not cause any emotion, nor it is a guarantee of recognition in the community, it is only divided, because the public does not see characteristics, but differences. What a marketing mistake…!

Emotionality becomes important because the product or service is shown from the values; doing so unleashes attitudes and reaffirms the lifestyle of people, in this case, Spanish people. They are all going to want something different, but they want the best, what makes them feel good enough to build a positive and unique imaginary out of the ordinary, that has been understood by Damm's Beer, and that is what finally gives them the positioning they always wanted.

That has been the way of selling these beers in Spain. So, guess what? They made it!

They put aside the traditional, they began to emphasize the experiences that consumers want. When you drink an Estrella Damm beer, they are sharing summer, friendship, simplicity, and enthusiasm, because:

SUMMER = Heat = Beer

FRIENDSHIP = Get together = Beer

SHARE = Friends = Beer

SIMPLICITY = Ingredients = Beer

ENTHUSIASM = Good times = Beer

Damm's transmits it on each channel it owns, for example, on its social networks it makes people live unique experiences through emotions, making them feel comfortable, and where their communication as a company is always close and natural so that their followers and potential clients feel identified. That is why giving soul and personality to brands on social networks is the challenge that Damm has overcome compared to other brands.

Now, your task is to build emotional values that are anchored to your functional attributes, that is, that are linked to your products/or services. Decompose your structure, and ask yourself:

What do you feel when you use, see, smell, touch or think about your product/service?

When you find the answer, go for it! Or better yet, at Penta Marketing we know how to create a unique experience that allows you to connect with your audience.

  • #Activations
Monday, 5 September, 2022

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