Why E-Commerce is so effective in COVID-19 times?

By: Equipo Editorial Penta

Opportunities in the middle of a crisis.

Now that our reality has changed, the corporate sector has an urgent need to digitize and adapt to new processes, both internal and external. Now, online store owners saw the opportunity of their lives in e-commerce in 2020.

What has happened this year 

As the world continues to face COVID-19 and there appears to be significant progress in both its treatments and vaccines, the world economy is debating about its future. E-commerce and door-to-door service appear as a light at the end of this tunnel.

How are the greats of e-commerce doing?

In May of this year, electronic commerce in Latin America rose 300% according to the newspaper La República at the beginning of that month and we see that the perception of this type of business is now completely different than it was a few years ago. To this we add the resounding success of solid companies such as Mercadolibre.com, which reported 80% increases in sales since the beginning of this year, reporting a volume of $ 20,000 million in its operations, according to cronista.comIf we visit any merchant, with good ranking and qualifications, in Mercadolibre.com, we see that their sales have increased in the free indicator that the platform gives us. It is fantastic how electronic commerce and digital services are consolidated as the key to overcoming the crisis.

The numbers don’t stop there. Only in Colombia, it is said that until 2019, 11% of the country used electronic stores and makes recurring purchases on the internet, according to a recent note from the newspaper El Nuevo Siglo, and also ensures that the potential of e-commerce in this country internationally does not not even exploited enough. All these figures assure us that 2020 will be a key year for all types of electronic merchants: emerging projects, some already experienced merchants with a clear supply chain, and of course the most advanced ones who are seeing more and more business opportunities.

Shopify, much mentioned in these times, reported an accumulation of demand for e-commerce platforms in the second quarter of the year, increasing its profits by 97% in this period and far exceeding its expectations. Its CFO (Chief Financial Officer), Amy Shapero, assured this Wednesday that Shopify’s value proposition was in its “full” during this second quarter of the year, according to the CNBC News report.

And if I don’t want to be left behind, what alternatives do I have? 

If this is the perfect time to decide to start your own e-commerce, you know very well a commercial sector related to your tastes and you plan to start this investment, Penta Marketing offers you comprehensive and innovative advice, divided into 5 steps that are:

  1. Strategy Consulting: We will define the business idea very well and create a digital market strategy, giving us clear guidelines for your clients, your scope, your value proposition and your competition.
  2. Finance Consulting: Here we will understand your business needs, thus determining what level of Business Model you are at. According to the results we find, we will know what services you need for your e-commerce.
  3. Creativity: We will give a visual identity to your e-commerce, defining its name, colors, styles and even and if necessary doing a product photography session that really drives your brand.
  4. SetUp2Shop: This is the central service of the entire operation, in fact, we could call it the heart of this digital journey. Here, we will define your payment gateway, the categorization of your products, your sales channels and we will implement the visual identity and launch your e-commerce to the world.
  5. DigitalMkt2Shop: Once your ecommerce is on the air, you need to shout it to the 4 winds. For this, we offer a service of implementation and administration of digital marketing campaigns to reach your buyers clearly and efficiently, giving you the freedom to take care of what you need most.

If you are interested in learning more about the importance of these 5 steps, you can click here and request personalized advice with Penta Marketing.

If you still don’t sell online, these numbers should convince you to do so!