Virtual events can be a great B2B tool

By:  Penta Editorial Team 

Effective leads in times of social distancing

While face-to-face events are an effective way to generate qualified business leads, another large percentage of B2B customers arrive via digital media, so it may be time to take advantage of the opportunities that both networking channels generate under a single scenario.

How to generate effective leads through virtual events?

Running a virtual event allows for the increased geographical reach of business marketing and increases the possibilities of brand exposure. For companies this translates into more connection space with potential customers and positioning in the minds of those who already acquire their products or services. However, if the big question is how to transform Big Data into real leads for our business, the first thing you should do is think about strategy.

The strategy, step-by-step

We’ll quickly accompany you along the path of developing the path to get leads through virtual events.

  • The first step is to define our target. Once we have those profiles clear, we will then need to select the most appropriate platform to serve as a meeting point for the brand with the defined target audience; ensure that the selected tool is designed in a responsive and interactive way, so that you can deliver differentiated experiences and create networks.
  • The next step is related to implementing a multichannel strategy. The more real-world resources and experiences you integrate into your virtual event, the more successful your product will be, as your product will be more accessible, novel and original. This is where communication comes in. Promoting your event will be key to expanding the possibilities for lead generation. You should start a PR campaign to generate content that is hosted on a landing page as a support resource, and if it is within your capabilities, implement other effective tools such as mailing, webcasts or private chats.
  • Finally, to ensure the right information is collected, integrate CRM. Virtual events allow you to collect information both in the sign-up register and in the journey within the page, so you must have a CRM platform that centralizes a single database. In this step you can collect useful information through forms, which you can deploy at three key points during your event: pre-event registration forms, enter the event registration forms and access forms, with which the user can enter talks, conferences or the commercial demonstration. Once your event is over, it’s time to organize, segment and classify information to inform stakeholders communication and measure future return on investment.
A social experience like no other

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