How can we create virtual connections that generate memorable experiences?

By: Camilo Caicedo

Live-streamed sessions and 3D events have increased in popularity as a response on the part of the consumer who seeks to go “beyond the human,” be captivated in the first few seconds, and have unlimited mobility.

The Covid-19 pandemic took us all by surprise and led to new challenges for all industries regarding customer interaction and relationships. The number one priority today is to preserve health; however, company operations and communication with the target never stop, especially these days, when consumers have more time to navigate through different digital platforms and access more content than ever before. 

In this new reality, with social distancing at its center, we must explore the most creative alternatives to maintain relationships with audiences. Technology, therefore, becomes our best ally.

Going beyond e-commerce and social networks

When it comes to online interaction with our customers, we think of social networks or platforms for e-commerce management, but if your brand is looking to raise the level of experience in terms of creativity and interaction you should start to consider options such as streaming sessions, or even better, 3D virtual events.

Streaming sessions across multiple platforms are useful for different activities, ranging from promotional campaign launches or discounts to creating leisure and recreation spaces such as live concerts. That can be shown by the fact that Huawei and Sony have introduced some of their new mobile phone models this year via streaming events on YouTube. In fact, during these times of confinement, the One World: Together at Home initiative, which brought together singers from around the world to collect money for the World Health Organization’s solidarity response fund, was viewed 20.74 million times. Only the NFL playoffs on a Saturday night in the US got a broader audience.

With streaming, the flow of information reaches the user without needing to download anything beforehand. It can bring together large groups in real-time, with an excellent connection to the Internet, the only real requirement. However, it is not the most comprehensive tool if your company wants to go beyond communication. If you like the sound of a robust networking space, which also offers virtual reality experiences with real-life elements, you should think about 3D virtual event platforms.

These types of scenarios allow for a wide variety of interactions: not only conferences, talks, and commercial exhibition rooms, but also beach tours, volleyball matches or concerts. These integrate the possibilities of streaming but also widen the opportunities, including in one crucial aspect: being able to access all the Big Data acquired through the processes of entry, registration, and interaction on the platform, which facilitates the consolidation of leads, and their transformation them into opportunities for sales.

If you’re considering taking your event or brand into the digital environment, doing an analysis of your customers may lead you to decide to make a move to a 3D virtual event platform. It is worth highlighting the Euromonitor report, which earlier this year revealed that Beyond Human, which embraces artificial intelligence for automation and convenience, topped global consumer trends for 2020. Consumers prefer to interact with companies that mix artificial intelligence and virtual reality in their customer service and engagement processes. That same report showed that the next most important thing for consumers is to be captivated in the first few seconds employing authentic, attractive, personalized channels. These platforms are composed entirely of such elements. Right from the start, for example, when the user logs in, they create their avatar as an extension of themselves in the simulated world, and the journey begins; those who have already experienced the experience will know that it is truly captivating.

We cannot change the reality of the pandemic that we are currently experiencing, but if we can adapt and translate the situation into opportunities for our businesses, it is worth keeping in mind that in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.


Camilo Caicedo

CEO – Penta Marketing
Experiential Marketing and Omnichannel Strategy Specialist