The value of selling emotions, not products

Our senses allow us to create feelings and experiences which connect us to the world around us. Big brands and brands in general no longer sell just products, but they sell experiences that the consumer perceives in their mind and keeps in their heart.


3D virtual events, and effective way to transcend borders

Today, there are several alternatives to attend virtual congresses, one of the most successful platforms for virtual 3D events. The reason is the high level of interaction in experiences that produce emotions and leave a long-term impact on the user.


Do you call a video call and “event”? 2020 has something better to offer

Creating events in a virtual environment that delivers winning brand experiences, generates effective leads and delivers a memorable event experience, goes far beyond just sitting in front of the computer, activating the camera and making a video call. While there is indeed a two-way communication exchange, these video calls do not offer the level of interactivity or immersive experience needed to generate true connections with your target audience.


Myths vs. reality: what you need to know about 5G

5G, the latest generation of mobile communication systems has become very popular these days, the first reason, because it will increase connection speed, minimize latency, and expand the number of connected devices. The second reason, for the conspiracy theories who accuse this technology of being a carcinogenic element and even being responsible for spreading the Covid-19 virus, but is this true?.


Virtual events can be a great B2B tool

Effective leads in times of social distancing

While face-to-face events are an effective way to generate qualified business leads, another large percentage of B2B customers arrive via digital media, so it may be time to take advantage of the opportunities that both networking channels generate under a single scenario.