Generating Effective Leads With Virtual Events

It is true that face-to-face events are an effective way to generate qualified business leads. But it is also true that digital media can provide a large percentage of B2B customers. It might then be better to take advantage of the benefits of both networking channels under the same scenario.


Colombia’s First University That Has Moved Its Campus to A 3D Virtual Environment

The current situation of the digital era has brought about significant changes in all areas of society, such as education. Traditional pedagogy as we knew it has been transformed and, despite the fact that virtual modalities have existed for some time, the new possibilities of immersion and innovation will undoubtedly mark a new era for contemporary education.


Why E-Commerce is so effective in COVID-19 times?

Opportunities in the middle of a crisis.

Now that our reality has changed, the corporate sector has an urgent need to digitize and adapt to new processes, both internal and external. Now, online store owners saw the opportunity of their lives in e-commerce in 2020.


4 ways virtual reality is improving healthcare

Have you ever imagined being able to swim with dolphins in the ocean while resting in your hospital bed? Would you like to experience your 70th birthday while you are in your 20s? Or what do you think it would be like to attend a dangerous surgery from the comfort of your chair?


The value of selling emotions, not products

Our senses allow us to create feelings and experiences which connect us to the world around us. Big brands and brands in general no longer sell just products, but they sell experiences that the consumer perceives in their mind and keeps in their heart.


3D virtual events, and effective way to transcend borders

Today, there are several alternatives to attend virtual congresses, one of the most successful platforms for virtual 3D events. The reason is the high level of interaction in experiences that produce emotions and leave a long-term impact on the user.