Colombia’s First University That Has Moved Its Campus to A 3D Virtual Environment

By: Penta Editorial Team

The current situation of the digital era has brought about significant changes in all areas of society, such as education. Traditional pedagogy as we knew it has been transformed and, despite the fact that virtual modalities have existed for some time, the new possibilities of immersion and innovation will undoubtedly mark a new era for contemporary education.

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When we talk about virtual education, the first thing that comes to mind is a video call through traditional platforms. However, recent technological advances have allowed education to transcend into an augmented reality world. A new environment designed to make the educational process as real as possible has been put forward, turning the learning process into experiences that engage and increase the interest, participation and integration of students.

A clear example of this was the University of San Buenaventura, the first university in Colombia that moved its Zoom classes and bet on the disruption and warmth of the Cosmos platform as its virtual campus.

Ernesto Londoño, San Buenaventura’s rector, described his experience in this virtual campus as a great feat and success for the University:

“Cosmos supports person-to-person interactions that render the possibility of exchanging thoughts much more achievable, whether in an educational meeting or in a more informal encounter. The possibilities are endless.”

Cosmos is one of the platforms of Penta Virtual Center, a digital ecosystem of Penta Marketing Agency with different disruptive platforms. At Cosmos, students can customize their own avatars, attend classes, interact, make presentations in any of the multiple auditoriums, access and share information, even enjoy playing on the soccer field or taking a boat ride.

Finally, the experience of the students of the University of San Buenaventura surpassed their own expectations, since on their first day on campus they managed to overcome the barrier of shyness and made friends, met their professors, strengthened ties, danced and confirmed that the decision to study at this University was the right one.