2021 will bring a bright future for augmented reality and virtual reality

by: Penta Editorial Team

The year 2020 has been considered as: “The year in which the virtual and augmented reality market has taken off”, it is clear that most brands have had to rethink their strategies and move to this type of platform. This is assured by the news portal, Strategy Analytics.

It is in this way that fully immersive 3D platforms are beginning to bear fruit. Different markets such as education, medicine, engineering, security, and architecture, among others, are committed to these environments both for themselves and for their clients.

The pandemic by Covid-19 forced organizations to rethink their priorities and change the traditional working methodology, most changed office desks to cloud archives, switched to communication through non-traditional tools, and immerse themselves in virtual reality. “The new normal” is undoubtedly driving the AR AND VR markets.

The short-term perspective for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and the end-users adaptation to such tools can be complex, but if organizations manage to overcome this adaptation process, the future seems very promising. According to James Bourne editor of Techforce Media.

Finally, immersive platforms have shown that they are not far from reality, industries of different sectors, have managed to realize their businesses, not stop, and continue to generate revenue. It is time to look to the future and use these kinds of tools for our benefit.