3D virtual events, and effective way to transcend borders

Today, there are several alternatives to attend virtual congresses, one of the most successful platforms for virtual 3D events. The reason is the high level of interaction in experiences that produce emotions and leave a long-term impact on the user.

Auditoriums, showrooms, and networking areas, are some of the possibilities offered by 3D virtual event platforms

 Different brands have opted for virtual experiences to interact with their audience. A good example is found in The North Face, which used a virtual experience that consisted of dog sledding to sell winter coats in South Korea.

 What an ingenious way to publicize our brand and generate emotion in our users! Welcome to the third dimension.

 It’s time to be creative!

How good to offer our clients an answer to their questions, it is not time to cancel; it is time to reinvent ourselves and take advantage of virtual tools to reach a larger audience, eliminate borders, expand more, relate more There are many advantages that virtual reality brings: The dynamism, the interactivity, the personalization of our brands, the elimination of borders, emotions, the discovery of new technologies, which leads us to reinvention, and of course the reduction of costs, which is also very important when evaluating our growth as a company.

Virtual brand activations In the digital age, the best way to be “trending” is through digital tools. As in large-scale events and congresses, we can evolve with brand activations and take them to the third dimension; thus, the geographical borders will not be a limit; we will have greater reach and, of course, better remembrance.

Is it possible to generate brand awareness virtually? The answer is yes, brands like Snickers, Real Madrid, and Loreal bet on digital brand activations, becoming a trend and creating emotions in users. What if our brand activation transcends the moment? Our clients may carry brand activation in their pockets as an interactive app or game; thus, we made it possible for the activation to last over time, transcend, and be positioned in the consumer’s Top of Mind.

¿Is it not that What are we looking for when we launch a product?

The sky is the limit and can help us transcend!
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